Bigg Boss Celebrity Koena Mitra Wish 2021 - Today Live Bollywood News
Bigg Boss Celebrity Koena Mitra Wish 2021 - Today Live Bollywood News

Bollywood Actress Koena Mitra: In 2021, I’ll do all the crazy things that make me happy – Latest Bollywood News

Bigg Boss Celebrity Koena Mitra: It’s the new year and several folks are realigning their priorities and chalking up a plan for what they hope to achieve in 2021. Koena Mitra also has a few things that are on her radar. For one, she’s turned to natural wellness therapies. She says she has recently taken up Ayurveda and is happy with the results of that. Koena also has a few goals lined up for 2021.

Bigg Boss Season 13 Celebrity’s Koena Mitra Thinking and Wish New Year 2021- Bigg Boss Celebrity Koena Mitra

Says the actress, “My mantra for 2021 is a mix of work, travel and holidays. We’ve been stuck at home almost for the whole of last year. We had never experienced lockdown, so this was the first time for that. And we are outgoing, working people so it obviously was very depressing.” Looking ahead for the new year, she plans to have a balance of things on her plate. “My 2021 plan is to work and travel at the same time.

I want to spend enough time with myself and my family and do all those crazy things make me happy. I’m not going to stop myself just because people get judgmental. I am not going to think about what others think and will just do what gives me happiness; that’s my goal,” she reveals.

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