How Blockchain Lottery Platform can transform Lottery Industry? How Android Has Become the Platform of Lotteries
How Blockchain Lottery Platform can transform Lottery Industry? How Android Has Become the Platform of Lotteries

How Blockchain Lottery Platform can transform Lottery Industry? : Google has a strict policy against gambling apps, stating that no application can allow users to wager money. That’s why no online casino or sportsbook apps are available on the Google Play Store. The company has a similar attitude towards lotteries but because of the way Android works, users can legally access lottery apps without needing the Play Store.

This ability has allowed Android to best iOS and become the platform of choice for lottery enthusiasts. As an example, in this articlewe looked at the Michigan Lottery, but it is worth noting the following information applies to any lottery applications, and indeed any online casino or sportsbook app.

Before we get started, it’s important to know the Michigan Lottery is a popular game. While it is affordable to enter, players can get even more value by using a Michigan Lottery promo code. Codes can be entered into the application to give players money off lottery tickets.

Understanding Lottery Apps on Android – Try your luck! Buy lotteries on your mobile phone

If you search “Michigan Lottery” in the Google Play Store you will find there is an official app available. Although, you will also see this app is called MI Lottery Results and all it does is tell you the results of the lottery. Users cannot buy tickets through this app. That’s because of Google’s policy that prevents apps from supporting betting on the Play Store.

Don’t worry though because you can still download the official Michigan Lottery application from its website. Because Android is an open source platform, users can sideload applications from other sources. In other words, using the Google Play Store is not the only way to get apps onto Android.

This is important because it means developers can still have apps but can’t promote them on Android’s official marketplace. Furthermore, this ability means Android has one distinct over Apple’s iOS platform.

Apple Cannot Compete

Or more accurately, Apple will not compete. Over on iOS, Apple once allowed lottery applications on the App Store. In fact, these were full apps that also allowed users to buy tickets, giving iOS a major advantage over Android. However, over time Apple started to change its policies to be more in line with Google’s.

These days, fans of lotteries, online casinos, and sportsbooks can nolonger buy tickets or make wagers on iOS. While apps are still operational, Apple has also stopped allowing developers to update their apps, all but killing them off. This is the case with the Michigan Lottery app.

Unlike Android, iOS is not open source and Apple takes the opposite approach to Google. The company like iOS to be closed and under its total control. This is problematic if you want an app that is not available on the App Store.

Once upon a time, users would jailbreak their iPhones to get apps that were not available officially. These days that’s not needed because third-party app stores do exist on iOS. That said, these stores use unauthorised certificates and Apple actively hunts them to close the stores down. On Android, third-party stores are allowed.

If you want to play a lottery through your smartphone app, Android is the best bet!

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