Kareena kapoor Today Live Bollywood News - HD Wallpaper 2020
Kareena kapoor Today Live Bollywood News - HD Wallpaper 2020

Kareena kapoor Fashion – Today Live Interview – Kareena shared Secret, said – My favorite is saree while many ladies have trouble wearing it.

Kareena Kapoor Fashion Bollywood Desk. Style Diva Kareena kapoor is sharing her own oral secret for the first time. He made many revelations about his dress. He said, My fashion fund is clear – ‘Listen and do everything in your mind.

Kareena kapoor Bollywood Indian Wallpaper pink Saree Fun & Enjoyy look
Kareena kapoor Bollywood Indian Wallpaper pink Saree Fun & Enjoyy look

People are now thinking a lot about dress and fashion. What people will say, I should look my best, do not become a joke. Such perceptions float in their minds. What would you like to say to such people?
All of this has happened because nowadays people put photos on Instagram and Facebook. Comment. So when you put fashionable photos, the comments will not come … It’s better to stay away from all these things. … and if you’re posting a photo, don’t be too serious about it. Do what you have to do. That’s what I’ve come to do. I believe in this fund that everyone listen and do it in their hearts. That’s what you should do in life. Whether it is a man or a woman, there should be no discrimination and I have always lived this way.

Kareena Kapoor Glamours Saree Looking Hot Bollywood Superstar

What things do you like most in makeup?
I like doing less makeup. I always try to apply as little makeup on my skin as possible. When I go out I just like to wear mascara. If I’m going anywhere, don’t even do makeup, just wear mascara. Sometimes I put mascara in a moving car, so much makeup is for me….

Live Kareena Kapoor Interview – For Saree Fashion Today 2020

Recently at Lakme Fashion Week your dress again made headlines. You have been associated with this fashion event for the last eleven years. How was your experience during this time?
It has been ten years since I came to this fashion week and this is the eleventh year. It is wonderful to be associated with a brand for so many years. In India, hardly any actor has been associated with any brand for such a long time. Every year here I get a chance to walk the ramp wearing a new designer’s clothes. You feel so beautiful in front of everyone from such a big stage in such a great dressage.

Kareena Kapoor Hot Saree Looking Beautiful
Kareena Kapoor Hot Saree Looking Beautiful

People love your style, fashion. Follow him. What are your own ideas about your fashion and style?
See, my thinking about styling is that the attic casual and comfortable is the best. About the dress that I think is fashionable as well as convertible, then I only suck it. I think people should not just follow trends. They should follow a fashion that brings out their personality.

Kareena Kapoor Latest Fashion Style in Saree - Today Live Bollywood Fashion
Kareena Kapoor Latest Fashion Style in Saree – Today Live Bollywood Fashion

Reha Kapoor spoke to us and told us that you decide on fashion and style according to your mood?
Yes, many times my mind does apply red lipstick, so I keep wearing red lipstick all day. Mostly I live in my pajamas. If I feel that I have to wear a particular dress, then I wear a nice dress.

Today Latest Kareena Kapoor Instagram Post 2020

Our readers want to know which dress you like to wear the most?
Saree … I like sarees very much. I can spend the whole day wearing a saree. I find the saree very comfortable. Many women have trouble wearing sari, but I enjoy it in saree. Whenever I have to go to a wedding or a party at night, I like to wear sari.

Do you ever feel pressure that I have to wear good clothes, because people are looking at me and doing fashion. Trying to be like me?
I think in reality people look at me because maybe they feel connected to me. Whenever you see me, I will only look in clothes that anyone can wear. I want to keep up with my fans and the public in terms of fashion. Many times I will see you wearing kurta and jeans and even go to the airport simple.

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