Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers 120+ Multan Ki Ladkiyon Ke Number
Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers 120+ Multan Ki Ladkiyon Ke Number

Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers: Multan girls are known all over the world for their beauty, thanks to their Lollywood movies. It is the dream of most people around the world to date Pakistani girls, due to the notion that all Lollywood girls are beautiful. That is why I will share with you the Real list of Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers.

For someone, currently living in Multan or outside the State, there are many ways you can connect with Multan girls and boys. First, we have the Multan WhatsApp group and the Multan Telegram group.

Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers – Chatting – Telegram Group, Job women, College Student, Hostel Girls – मुल्तान गर्ल्स व्हाट्सप्प नंबर

Name: Amna
City: Multan
Country: Pakistan
Email Address: [email protected]
Pakistani Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers:+923XXXXXX835

I am Amna from Multan. Love to paint travel and make new friends in city to hangout with them,I am sharing my my Whatsapp number here for friendship and I looking for my life partner online. I am doing Bachelors from Glim University and also want to continue my education even after marriage. Currently I am enjoying my vacations and I also live in hostel for study.

+92 X19 1XX1200,
+92 X19 8266220,
+92 X20 1267496,
+92 X20 2079X7X,
+92 X20 4170459,

I am here to find a friend as I feel alone so I need a friend. I need a friend who should must be decent, good looking, sensible and the most important he must be honest in relation with positive attitude.

Multan College Girls WhatsApp Numbers for Online Chat, Chatting

First Name: Sana
City: Multan
Company: nokia
State: Sindh
Address: karachi tariq road
Country: Pakistan
Gender: Female
Find Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers: 030XXXXXX572

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Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers

I think that art is a very important creature in the lives of people. Sana like to read WhatsApp news and learn about their future projects. I like breeding dogs. I adore dancing and what is more, dances are the part of my life. At the time of dancing, I can relax and throw away all negative emotions and thoughts. I am conducting the TV program by the Sevastopol television. This program is called Belly Dance.

+92 X20 84X2206,
+92 X20 8716841,
+92 X20 9476447,
+92 X21 1X4X946,
+92 X21 2X86108,

Online Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers – My City Girls WhatsApp Numbers – List of Multan College Girls Phone Number for Friendship, Chatting, Online Chat, Meet NRI Stranger People

NAME: Gulnaz Alvi
Nickname: Gul
Location: Pakistan
Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers: 0342-XXXXXX29

I lone dreaming and still believe in miracles. I am a true romantic, but in spite of it I do not see the world in pink color, I am a realist at the same time. They say that I am very purposeful and self-confident. I love traveling and learning everything new. My interests are many-sided. I appreciate listening to a nice music, reading books and going to the cinema. 

+92 X21 6658615,
+92 X21 7921219,
+92 X22 1719698,
+92 X22 5101760,
+92 X2X 0700509,

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Name: Kiran
Age: 25
City: Karachi
Profession: done Bachelors
Interest: Friendship
Real Multan Divorced Lady Mobile / WhatsApp No: 0310XXXXXX03

I love every moment of life. I am tender and kind, loyal and sincere. Kiran am easy going and can find a common ground with everyone. With my beloved, I will be passionate and Beautiful. I am friendly with people and treat them so, as I want to be treated by myself. My hobbies are traveling and taking photos. When the weather is rainy, I like to stay at home and to knit. 

+92 X2X 9X2015X,
+92 X24 1X2XX64,
+92 X24 451979X,
+92 X26 2812019,
+92 X26 5602541,

Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers, Online Chat, Near by You – मुल्तान गर्ल्स व्हाट्सप्प नंबर

Vijayawada Girls WhatsApp Numbers 20+ विजयवाड़ा की लड़कियों का नंबर for Friendship - Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers
Multan Girls WhatsApp Numbers- लड़कियों का नंबर for Friendship

Name : Zanib
From : Pakistan islamabad
Single Housewives Multan Women WhatsApp Number: +9231XXXXXX550

+92 X26 7170611,
+92 XX0 5188411,
+92 XX1 X009568,
+92 XX1 6298659,
+92 XX1 7224X42,

+92 XX2 05850X2,
+92 XX2 5X71758,
+92 XX2 7614556,
+92 XX2 96751X9,
+92 XXX XX58104,

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