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Quotes For Single Girls | Girls WhatsApp Status | Inspiring Quotes for Girls - Latest Girls FB Captions - World Girls Portal

Quotes For Single Girls: Being single as a lady can be heartbreaking for most women, meanwhile, a few ladies may see it as an opportunity to know themselves better, control their activities and their time.

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No matter which category of women you fall under, below are single quotes for girls that will reflect the way you feel about being single.

Single Independent Woman Quotes.

♠ Of all the people you will ever come across in your lifetime, you’re only going to never lose one person, and that person is YOU.

♠ I enjoy staying single. I’m usually there whenever I need myself.

♠ I’m so good at loving myself and that’s the reason I have a hard time loving myself.

♠ My alone is enough for me. I don’t think I have anything to prove to anyone.

♠ You have just one true company from birth to death she’s always with you whenever you need her, and that person is YOU.

♠ Everyone is single by birth.

♠ The coolest thing I’ve ever experienced is being single. I think it’s a pretty sense of irresponsibility.

♠ My solitude is my fortress of purification.

♠ Anyone who is not happy when she’s single will definitely not be happy when she’s in a relationship.

♠ I don’t really mind being single, nevertheless, I just miss being held by someone.

♠ Being in a relationship and being single are just titles, but your heart truly knows which category you fall under.

♠ Technically speaking, I’m single even though my heart is occupied by someone I can’t totally call my own.

♠ I’m so single because I am strong enough to enjoy and live my life without depending on other people.

♠ I’ve been staying single for a while and I must confess it’s going really well. I mean… It’s really working out.

♠ I am as single as a dollar note and I’m not looking for a change.

♠ I’d rather stay single with the standard than be in a relationship where I settle down for less.

♠ I was perfectly delightful staying single until I saw this beautiful happy couple.

♠ You may not be 100% happy for being single, nevertheless, you’re 100% safe from pains.

♠ I was doing very well all alone before you came into my life, but now that you’ve left, I believe I’ll still be fine once again.

♠ Every girl deserves a guy who will make her smile, even when she doesn’t want to.

♠ OTHERS: “I’m so excited whenever my lover tells me he loves me”.
ME: “I’m so excited when my microwave tells me my meal is ready”.

♠ I’m currently single because I am waiting for the right person to come along. And, I’ll keep waiting no matter how long it takes.

♠ I decided to stay single because these days, my iPhone battery last longer than most relationship.

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♥ Whenever I choose to get someone out of my life, it may not mean that I hate them. But what it means is that I respect myself.

♥ Don’t be in a relationship where you’re going to act single.

♥ Be grateful for being single. It will teach you the importance of your own company and the grace to be the person you actually want to be.

♥ This is my life, not yours. Don’t worry about what I do.

♥ Don’t be in a hurry to get into a relationship. Get comfortable with your loneliness, so when you decide to get in a relationship, you will know if it’s because you truly love the person or because you feel lonely.

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♥ I love being single because no one has to control my time. I’m completely in control of my ship because I am the captain of my own soul.

♥ Only strong ladies can stay single even in this world where settling down for anything just to say they have something is the norm.

♥ I must not be in a relationship before I know that I’m very beautiful. I’m 5exy and I know it.

♥ Happiness comes from the heart. If you’re not happy staying single, you wouldn’t be happy even when you’re taken.

♥ I’m a very strong black coffee in this world that’s drunk on very cheap wine of very shallow love.

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♥ S.I.N.G.L.E: Strong, Independent, Noticeable Generous, Loving, Enlightened.

♥ Keep calm and wait for God’s best exclusively reserved for you.

♥ Most ladies follow the man of their dreams, while some only follow their dreams. Any time you get confused on which one to follow then chose anyone that wouldn’t wake up one morning to tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.

♥ Every girl’s original dream is to, first of all, know herself.

♥ Most strong women are single because the majority of men are afraid of strong women.

♥ I’m single because I am exclusively reserved for that man who knows I’m strong and an independent woman, and yet he wouldn’t feel intimidated.

♥ Almost everyone thinks I am dangerous because I’m strong enough to stay on my own.

♥ It’s better to stay single if getting in a relationship wouldn’t make your life any better than it is.

♥ If you can’t find that person who can appreciate your beauty as well as your bruises, then it’s better to stay single for a lifetime.

♥ At first staying single was my greatest fear until I realized that staying with someone that makes you feel alone is worst.

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