Shraddha Kapoor 'Chaalbaaz In London' is not a remake of Sridevi's film, the director clarified, Upcoming #ShraddhaKapoor Movie
Shraddha Kapoor 'Chaalbaaz In London' is not a remake of Sridevi's film, the director clarified, Upcoming #ShraddhaKapoor Movie

Chaalbaaz in London is not a remake, it’s a new story, says Pankaj Parashar

Shraddha Kapoor ‘Chaalbaaz In London’: The late actress Sridevi is undoubtedly not with us today, but her acting and great films are still the first choice of the audience. Sridevi was very much liked by the audience because of her beauty, performance and bubblyness on the big screen. He worked in many great films.

Shraddha Kapoor to play double role in Chaalbaaz In London - Upcoming Bollywood Film 2021 - World Movie Portal
Shraddha Kapoor to play double role in Chaalbaaz In London – Upcoming Bollywood Film 2021 – World Movie Portal

One of which was the movie ‘Chaalbaaz’. In this film, Sridevi was seen playing a double role. After seeing Sridevi’s acting, the fans praised her a lot. Superstar Rajinikanth and Sunny Deol were in the film with Sridevi. At the same time, news is coming out that Sridevi’s film ‘Chaalbaaz’ will be remade once again. Know what the whole truth is.

‘Chaalbaaz’ is not a sequel to ‘Chaalbaaz In London’

According to the news, director Pankaj Parashar is going to make the film ‘Chaalbaaz’ in a new form. The name of the film will be ‘Chaalbaaz in London’. In such a situation, this film was compared to Sridevi’s film ‘Chaalbaaz’. On which director Pankaj Parashar clarified that this film is not a sequel to Chaalbaaz but it is a new story. In which he has signed actress Shraddha Kapoor.‘ In an interview to a magazine, Pankaj Parashar said that ‘Chaalbaaz in London will be a film based on today’s era.

Shooting of the film will start soon

The song ‘Chaalbaaz’ will be used in the film along with the new soundtrack. Also, every effort will be made to make the film even better than ‘Chaalbaaz’. Pankaj Parashar also told that ‘he will start shooting for the film by the end of this year. Pankaj Parashar also said that when he made Chaalbaaz, films like Sita and Geeta, Ram and Shyam had been made before that.

Told ‘Chaalbaaz’ Sridevi’s legacy

Director Pankaj Parashar, who is going to make ‘Chaalbaaz in London’, described the film ‘Chaalbaaz’ as the legacy of Sridevi. With which his responsibility has increased even more. The director said that ‘he will try his best to make a better film. At the same time, he admitted that people have started comparing Shraddha Kapoor with Sridevi regarding Chaalbaaz in London, but when he sees the film, he will know that it is not needed.

Action will be seen more than Sridevi’s film

Director Pankaj Parashar considers the film ‘Chaalbaaz in London’ a big challenge for himself. That’s why he made it clear that he is not making a remake of the movie ‘Chaalbaaz’. He will cast a new starcast for this film. Everything will be new in the film with a new story. It will see a lot more action than Sridevi’s ‘Chaalbaaz’.

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  1. When director Pankaj Parashar made Chaalbaaz (1989) with Sridevi in a double role opposite Rajinikanth and Sunny Deol, little did he think that 30 years later, the film will be turned into a franchise. Titled Chaalbaaz In London, the film will feature Shraddha Kapoor as the two central characters, for which she is reportedly expected to undergo training for action scenes as a part of the prep. Underlining how special the film is for him, Pankaj says, “When I made Chaalbaaz with Sridevi, I wanted the film to be ahead of its time. It’s the same thought with which we’re attempting Chaalbaaz In London. It’s a new film set in a new world that takes all the changes since then into account — with an attempt to use music and the original tracks from Chaalbaaz in a unique way.” Pankaj Parashar says, “These elements will be a part of the world in which the film will be set. It’ll be challenging to create something in these times, which is at least five years ahead in terms of thought, execution and layering.” The team hopes to begin the film by the end of this year. The filmmaker is aware that there will be comparisons with the cult classic. “When I made Chaalbaaz, I knew there were films like Seeta Aur Geeta and Ram Aur Shyam before it,” he says, adding, “They were