What event changed Cameron Diaz's life? Career - Life
What event changed Cameron Diaz's life? Career - Life

What event changed Cameron Diaz’s life?: Getting the role of Tina Carlyle in The Mask completely changed Cameron Diaz’s life and the trajectory of her career.

Before acting, Cameron Diaz worked started at age 16 as a model with Elite Model Management. In terms of popularity, she was nowhere near the level of fame compared to the vibrant leading late 80s supermodels (such as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campell). This is likely due to the changing trend of the fashion industry, in the early 90s the ideal beauty is Kate Moss’s anorexic heroin chic image, and obviously Cameron Diaz don’t fit that image.

Cameron was the cover girl for Seventeen in July 1990, and she was in a Coca-Cola commercial, she was also in early Calvin Klein and Levi’s commercial.

The Real Reason Why Cameron Diaz Quit Acting – What event changed Cameron Diaz’s life? Career – Life

In 1992, Cameron made a topless S&M lingerie photoshoot which later turned into a softcore adult video that came to bite her in the butt, the guy who photographed her later attempted to blackmail her for 3.5 million, he landed himself in jail.

If Cameron Diaz did not get the role of Tina Carlyle in The Mask, her career probably still goes upward, she’s is very beautiful, but it will take her a while (3–5 years if she’s lucky) to become famous in the modeling industry, and several more years to break into acting.

The Mask made Cameron Diaz an instant star, a Fun & Enjoy symbol, and opened a lot of doors for her. Most models that transitioned into acting gets role in TV or films after they got famous as models, by that time, people’s perception of them are fixed into a model and they only receive eye candy roles that don’t requires acting skills.

Cameron started her career as an actress, and she’s real good in comedy. In the early 90s, there aren’t a lot of beautiful actresses who excels at comedy, the only other actress that I can think of is Julia Roberts. when Julia Roberts transitioned into dramatic films, Cameron Diaz filled in the comedic spot.

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