What is the controversy about Priyanka Chopra Mangalsutra? Jewelry Fashion
What is the controversy about Priyanka Chopra Mangalsutra? Jewelry Fashion

What is the controversy about Priyanka Chopra Mangalsutra? Priyanka Chopra was appointed as a global brand ambassador of Italian brand Bvlgari. The company revealed that Priyanka would support the Roman high jewellery house and amplify it worldwide. Bvlgari is widely known for its high-end gemstones, jewellery and watches that focuses on women empowerment.

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Recently, Bvlgari launched its first-ever exclusive gold mangalsutra. Priyanka shared her pictures on the Instagram handle, flaunting the 18-karat luxurious piece, as she wore it for the latest cover of Vogue India. The mangalsutra, called the ‘Bvlgari necklace’ has a diamond in the centre with small black onyx stones, covered in double-logo gold circles. The beautiful piece is suspended from a gold chain, with black onyx beads in between. The gorgeous jewellery comes at a whopping price of Rs 3,49,000.

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Priyanka’s motive for advocating the mangalsutra for the modern Indian woman

But this mangalsutra, flaunted by Priyanka left the netizens fuming and they criticised the actress for promoting patriarchy and oppression. While the other section of the society praised Priyanka for promoting Indian culture globally.

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What is the controversy about Priyanka Chopra Mangalsutra

Bvlgari described the necklace as a ‘contemporary statement of elegance’ and shared, “Recalling the curved inscriptions of ancient Roman coins, the double logo represented the first time an emblem had ever become a prominent jewellery design icon and remains a timeless trademark of Bvlgari’s creativity to this day.”

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